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Zackjack, a TripleClicks exclusive, is Blackjack...with a kick! Put together winning hands to earn badges, prizes, and dominate the leaderboard! You can also earn unlimited Rewardical tokens! Unlimited FREE plays daily! No purchase necessary to win.

Fudge nuggets! You busted!
Fiddlesticks! You busted!
Son of a gun! You busted!
Shnookerdookies! You busted!
Ah, shucks! You busted!
Darn it anyways! You busted!
Dagnabbit! You busted!
Dadgummit! You busted!
Oh, snap! You busted!
Egads! You busted!
Gee whiz! You busted!
Son of a biscuit! You busted!
Gosh darn it! You busted!
Horse pucky! You busted!
Fudge berries! You busted!
Poo on a stick! You busted!
Phooey! You busted!
Bull spit! You busted!
Crikey! You busted!
Oh my garden! You busted!
Oh, dear! You busted!
Oh, no! You busted!
No, no, no! You busted!
Criminy! You busted!
Drats! You busted!
What the frog? You busted!
For Pete's sake! You busted!
Aw, noodles! You busted!
Narf! You busted!
Son of a nutrcracker! You busted!
Cheese and beans! You busted!
Fish Crackers! You busted!
What the heck?! You busted!
Rooster tonsils! You busted!
Oops!  You might need to get your calculator!
So math class wasn't your favorite, eh?
Sorry, no badges earned for going over 21!
21 = fun!  22 or more = busted score!
Ouch.  Who knew going over 21 was so painful?!
Blimey O’Reilly!  You've went and busted!
Ouch! Feeling like a gormless muppet, aye?
Oy, what a bloody mess!
Avast Ye!  It's the 21's you want!
Shiver me timbers!  You've busted yourself!
Oy vey!  You've busted, have ya?
Nope, that's just not going to cut the mustard!
Oy, that's just not going to make the cut, my friend!
That's just not gonna pass muster here!
Sorry, that kind of play is just not going to make the grade!
Nope, that's just not going to pass inspection!
Good grief!  You went and busted on us!
All hail the king of Zackjack!
You're getting pretty good at this!
You're awesome (but save a few Zackjacks for everyone else)!
I think the Zackjack Hall of Fame is in your future!
I don't know if it's luck or skill, but you got it going on!
That right there was a SWEET Zackjack!
Wow, a back attack for a Zackjack!
Wow, you've been practicing, haven't you?
You and Zackjacks go together like peanut butter and jelly!
You and Zackjacks go together like milk and cookies!
You and Zackjacks go together like macaroni and cheese!
You and Zackjacks go together like biscuits and tea!
You and Zackjacks go together like french fries and ketchup!
You and Zackjacks go together like coffee and donuts!
You and Zackjacks go together like beans and rice!
You and Zackjacks go together like movies and popcorn!
You and Zackjacks go together like socks and shoes!
So close!...and yet so far away.
Good, but you can do better!
Well played.  Now go WIN!
On the next game, may the force be with you!
You're getting the hang of this!
Well, that was better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!
That was good, but not great.  Go for GREAT!
Well, that was Better Than Ezra.
Don't you hate it when you run out of options?!
If only you could have drew that ace!
No Zackjack this time, but there's always time for one more game!
Repeat after me, "I WILL get a Zackjack next time!"
That's just not going to cut it.  Time to get serious!
Time to go to Plan B!
Keep your chin up!  A Zackjack is just around the corner!
Sorry, no Zackjack for you this time!
Aces and faces!  That's your winning strategy next time.
Next time...go for more aces and less faces!
Almost had it!  Go to your happy place for a minute, then try again!
Well, at least you didn't bust!
You were sooo close (unfortunately, you're not playing Horseshoes)!
Next time burn the first card that reminds you of lasagna.
Next time burn the first card that reminds you of soup.
Next time burn the first card that reminds you of belly button lint.

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Purchase 50 Matches for 7 TCredits
Purchase 100 Matches for 12 TCredits

Zackjack is Blackjack...with a kick! Put together three simultaneous hands of 21 to win prizes, badges, and t-shirts, plus earn bonus points for speed play and assembling hands by color and more!  Unlimited free plays daily.  No purchase necessary to win.





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